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Our lovely, calm Reformer and Apparatus Studio at Wimborne

This is where we develop strength and flexibility in our peaceful and elegant studio in Mill Lane, Wimborne.  

Our elegant large Pilates Studio at Lover, Redlynch

The Pilates exercise system was developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s primarily designed at helping professional dancers get stronger for their performances.  This was after training our own police service during the 1st world war and having trained many professional athletes.  Joseph Pilates developed an exercise system to help improve our posture and general mobility and strength by encouraging a stronger core. 

I specialise in teaching the 34 Mat based Pilates exercises.  My classes start with a standing set up, mobility warm up and then progress onto the exercise mats for the main session, followed by an extended stretch of the major muscle groups.  My classes are designed to flow through all of the exercises appropriate to the level of the class and to ensure the essence of the pilates system is encouraged and learned throughout. I play gentle relaxing music in the background which creates a calm and mindful environment to exercise and enjoy the movements.  My aim is to help you achieve your best fitness and mobility through these gentle yet effective exercises, male or female, whatever your age or condition. 

Of all of the classes I teach, Pilates is the most important and effective and I urge anyone who doesn't yet practise Pilates to start as soon as possible. To attend a class, payment must be made via the 'Membership' page and is a regular monthly payment to ensure your space in the class.  If you are joining part way through the month, you must ensure the payment date is set up for the beginning of the following month and pay cash for each class until the payment is set up.

Please enquire with any questions 07530 625700.

Pilates for Children and Adolescents - Mondays 5:30pm at Lover Studio, and coming soon to Wimborne Schools

We currently run a mixed ability kids 'young flexibility' class at the Lover studio starting back Monday 9 September 2019 at 5:30pm.

This class is ideally aimed at children aged 10 years+ that either do other sports and need additional flexibility work or need to build self esteem and general coordination.

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