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Mar 4, 2018

Classes - Monday evenings and new class ideas


Hiya, just having a think about monday evenings. Just wondering how many members or nonmembers would like to have a monday night kettlebell class or something else, a bit more in the local area. currently the monday evening kettlebell class is based in Wellow but I’m considering other options. Let me know your thoughts...🙂

Mar 5, 2018

Monday night's closer by would be great! X

Mar 5, 2018

Thanks Laura, I’m working on it !


Mar 5, 2018

Yes I agree. The time is perfect but location is currently tricky XX

Mar 6, 2018

Hi, So I can get use of the Lover Village Hall between 6:30pm to 7:15pm. Nice and close, not quite as big and airy as Wellow...


Mar 8, 2018

Ok it’s between redlynch/Lover village hall and possibly Morgan’s vale primary school...will update soon !

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