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Weekend Fitness Retreats

IAM Fitness Retreats are about giving you a holistic fitness experience that you can enjoy and have loads of fun.  Ideal for those wanting to get a boost to their new fitness regime and healthy lifestyle, or if you want to treat yourself and a friend(s).  It's also a great idea for those wanting to connect with your hens and want to look great for your wedding photos.

Get ready to know your mind, body and sole with our full day of fitness and mindfulness.  All food and drink is provided and accommodation is available on request.

£100 (max 10)

Weekend Pilates Retreats

Want to get learn the essentials of Pilates ? Get a kick start to your new healthy lifestyle and book our course on Reformer and mat Pilates.  This Saturday event will help you develop a key understanding and application of Pilates so you can confidently join your local class and feel ahead of the game. All food and drink is provided for the day and it runs 10am to 3pm.

It's also a great way to spend quality time with a friend, partner or family member as a treat or birthday present and is ideal if you need to burn some calories and are preparing for a wedding or important event. You will feel more confident about your body and revitalised having learned important skills and got to know your body better.

£200 per person (max 4)

Reformer & Apparatus Pilates

The most essential type of exercise for anyone wanting to improve their pilates technique and gain a better understanding and application of pilates exercises.  It is also the starting point for anyone interested in learning pilates for the first time as it develops your skills very quickly and an appreciation of the exercise is acquired.  However, the most popular use of this style of exercise is to assist in the rehabilitation of anyone suffering from back pain or spinal injury, those currently looking to acquire their fitness and core strength and have a chronic joint or muscular condition and also very useful for recently new Mums.

Essentially, reformer pilates is for everyone ! 

Prices vary - please see the Wimborne Pilates Studio Timetable

Strengthen, lengthen and enjoy this fantastic all encompassing exercise class. Traditional mat work pilates helps you discover core strength you didn't know you had. Get stronger and fitter in the safest way possible.

Our Pilates classes cover beginners, improvers to intermediate abilities, as well as specialist classes for those with any orthopaedic conditions.

Typical class can help burn 300-400 calories, but more importantly will eliminate your aches and pains and improve your posture.

Free taster first session thereafter monthly payment - see 'Memberships'

Kettlercise Classes

These classes are for anyone who wants to tone up and get fit, quick.


It uses a resistance weight known as a Kettlebell, which are provided in the class.  The class design is a warm up routine and dynamic stretch followed usually by 30-37 minute long exercises, with a stretch at the end of class.

Classes are fun, focused and hard work for those who want to burn maximum calories. Learn a new skill.  One piece of equipment, one mission: to burn fat and get lean.

Typical calories burned 500-700 per session.

Not sure? Try your first one for free or come and watch a class.

Anyone can attend this class however if you do suffer with any back pain please discuss this with me first.  No suitable for pregnancy or immediate postpartum.

£8 per class (or free to monthly members)

HIIT Classes

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and it a generic term to describe an exercise class which uses a range of bodyweight exercises with a work interval and rest interval.

These classes tend to last between 30-40 minutes including a warm up and stretch at the end.

Good for burning calories when you don't have a lot of time.  

Classes are fun and hard work ! 

Typical calories burned: 500

In general everyone can attend this class, except those who are suffering with any orthopaedic condition or injury. 

£8 per class (or free to monthly members)

IAM Fitness Personal Training/Small group training

For clients wanting a personal touch to their fitness plan or requiring specialist training such as during or after pregnancy, any medical or orthopaedic conditions.  Sessions take place at the Lover or Wimborne Studios, or home address. 

Also available for small groups.

Prices vary please see link below

Soft Tissue Therapy & Advanced Sports Massage

This service is primarily designed to help you in the rehabilitation of a chronic or acute injury whether you are an IAM Fitness member or not.


I treat common orthopaedic conditions such as frozen shoulder, general back pain and low back pain, rotator cuff injuries, stiff or sore neck, shoulder, joints and muscles in general, tendonitis injuries, sports injuries or muscular imbalances or general maintenance for athletic performance.

If you are unsure of your condition, please contact me on 07530 625700.

Initial Consultation and 1 hour therapy session £45

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